Special Projects

Saving the "Crown Jewel"

The Harpers Ferry Park Association is thrilled to announce the receipt of a major grant from Tauck for the preservation and stabilization of the Lockwood House. This grant will enable HFPA and Harpers Ferry National Historical Park to seek matching federal and private funds. 

Once completed, this long-overdue project will enable the park to expand interpretation programs, offering visitors a chance not only to learn the stories the old House has to share, but also to explore the fascinating art and science of preservation work itself.  Under the tutelage of professionals from the Historic Preservation Training Center, a volunteer “Hammer Corps” will have the opportunity to learn valuable skilled trades as participants in the preservation project.

Opening Lockwood House will be no small feat, and will depend upon the skill and care of many individuals. The Tauck grant has provided a fundamental first step toward this goal. Stay tuned for further developments!