Lincoln and Emancipation

Lincoln and Emancipation

In this succinct study, Edna Greene Medford examines the ideas and events that shaped President Lincoln's responses to slavery, following the arc of his ideological development from the beginning of the Civil War, when he aimed to pursue a course of noninterference, to his championing of slavery's destruction before the conflict ended. Throughout, Medford juxtaposes the president's motivations for advocating freedom with the aspirations of African Americans themselves, restoring African Americans to the center of the story about the struggle for their own liberation. 

Author: Edna Greene Medford. Publisher: Southern Illinois University Press. Hardcover with dust jacket, 141 pages. Measures 5.25" x 8.25" x 0.6". Weighs 10.6 oz. 

Medford, Edna Greene
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