Life in Civil War America

Life in Civil War America

The Civil War is a fascinating time period in American history. Life in Civil War America, 2nd Edition provides readers with fast facts and statistics about the 1860s from military life to civilian life in both the North and South. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Social and economic realities of daily life 
  • Common slang and idioms 
  • Diets of the era, including recipes, food preparation and the impact of shortages and inflation on rations 
  • Civilian dress, military dress, and technology of the time 

The book focuses on the era, not just the events of the war. Period illustrations and photos further illuminate the era. 

Publisher: Family Tree Books. Paperback, 320 Pages. Measures 9"x7"x0.75" . Weighs 1 lb 2.5 oz.

Varhola, Michael J
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