Learning About Rocks

Learning About Rocks

Children will find this easy-to-read guide perfect for identifying the three main classes of rocks (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic) and 12 different kinds of common rocks: granite, sandstone, limestone, marble, slate, obsidian, and six others. 

Each page contains a concise, fact-filled text about one of the rocks, with a blank space for a sticker illustration. As youngsters read and learn about each type of rock, they place one of the 12 accurate, realistic stickers provided in the appropriate blank space. 

A great hands-on way to learn about the rocks around us, this fact-filled little activity book will also appeal to parents and teachers looking for inexpensive learning aids. 

Publisher: Dover Publications. Paperback, 12 Pages. Measures 5.75"x4"x0.1" . Weighs 1 oz.

Barlowe, Sy
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