Learning About Birds of Prey with 12 Stickers

Learning About Birds of Prey with 12 Stickers

The peregrine falcon, a spectacular hunter that feeds mainly on birds in flight, is just one of 12 fascinating birds of prey you'll learn about in this fact-filled little book. You'll also find out about the golden eagle, American kestrel, crested caracara, red-tailed hawk, African fish eagle, king vulture, and five other wild creatures of the air. 

For each bird, there's a full page of details describing its appearance, hunting patterns, natural habitat, and other characteristics, while a blank space on the page lets you supply the correct peel-and-apply sticker identifying the subject. A great way to combine sticker fun with learning about nature's high-flying predators, this excellent guide is ideal for use at home or in the classroom. 

Publisher: Dover Publications. Paperback, 12 pages. Measures 4" x 5.75"x0.1". Weighs 0.9 oz.

Barlowe, Sy
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