Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln

Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln
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Michael and Derek don't expect the adventure of a lifetime visiting a Civil War museum with their grandmother. But the mysterious museum keeper invites them to play a game, and before they know it, they're walking through a door straight into a very realistic depiction of 1863. They see the destruction at the battlefield of Antietam, and even meet President Lincoln. Soon, they start to wonder if it's really a game, after all-and suddenly they're racing across Confederate-occupied land to return to their own time before it's too late. 

Patricia Polacco's time-travel premise is fascinating- who knew that history museums could literally be doorways into the past? She makes history exciting for young readers, drawing them into a pivotal part of our nation's development. 

Ages 7-9. Publisher: Puffin Books. Paperback, 48 pages. Measures 8.5" x 11" x 0.25. Weighs 7.1 oz.

Polacco, Patricia
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