Images of America: Loudoun County 250 Years of Towns and Villages

Images of America: Loudoun County 250 Years of Towns and Villages

Loudoun County, one of Virginia's most charming areas, is truly a picturesque region, balanced with sweeping pastoral landscapes along the Potomac and many lovely small towns and villages. 

Over the past several hundred years, this county has enjoyed an ethnic-rich past, meaning that many diverse cultures--the American Indian, European, and African--have called this place home. These different civilizations have left an indelible mark on Loudoun County's character and architectural appearance, from traditional churches and shops to the more ornate and lavish homes scattered across the countryside. Fortunately, many of these buildings still stand, serving as fitting reminders to these different people's struggles and lives. In this volume of over 200 photographs, many never before published, you will experience the Loudoun County of yesteryear--a time when wagons and early automobiles competed for space on the same dusty highways, when homes and schools were made of cobblestone and wood framing, and when life seemed, overall, slower and less complicated. This book takes us on a wonderful journey through the county's major towns, such as Leesburg, Hamilton, Hillsboro, Lovettsville, Middleburg, Purcellville, and Round Hill, and to the smaller villages, such as Waterford, Broad Run Farms, and Taylorstown. From the turn of the twentieth century to more contemporary times, you will see your home county as you have never seen it before or as you remembered it as a child. 

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing. Paperback, 128 Pages. Measures 9.2"x6.5"x0.2" . Weighs 11.1 oz.

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