Images of America: Hagerstown in the Civil War

Images of America: Hagerstown in the Civil War

Wedged strategically between the Mason-Dixon Line and the Potomac River, Hagerstown was destined to play a significant role in the Civil War. A diverse community, most residents gravitated toward the blue while some sided with the gray. Slavery was not a major presence in western Maryland, yet some local residents owned slaves along this route on the Underground Railroad. The intriguing story of Hagerstown during the Civil War is captured in this volume of vintage photographs, portraits, drawings, and other illustrations. Learn the stories of participants, both local and from across the country, whose wartime experiences in Hagerstown forever affected them. From the secretive arrival of John Brown in June 1859, to recent efforts to commemorate this history, the reader will come to understand the rich heritage that can be found in Hagerstown. 

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing (SC). Paperback, 128 Pages. Measures 9.2"x6.5"x0.2" . Weighs 11.1 oz.

Bockmiller, Stephen R
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