Images of America: Clarke County

Images of America: Clarke County

Although it is one of the smallest counties in Virginia, Clarke County has a remarkably rich history reflected in its cultural and natural resources. Located in the northern Shenandoah Valley and 60 miles northwest of Washington, DC, Clarke was formed from Frederick County, Virginia, in 1836. Native Americans roamed the area for centuries, and their story is reflected in the name of the Shenandoah River, which refers to "daughter of the stars." The Blue Ridge Mountains provide a dramatic eastern backdrop with recreational opportunities along the Appalachian Trail. Significant past citizens include Thomas Lord Fairfax, Gen. Daniel Morgan, and politicians Harry F. Byrd Sr. and Jr. After the Civil War, many of Clarke's former slaves stayed and built their own free communities. Unlike surrounding counties, Clarke has maintained the rural and agricultural traditions begun in colonial times. These and other distinctive stories that make up Clarke County's unique history are captured within this book. 

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Kalbian, Maral S
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