Gettysburg: A Battlefield Guide

Gettysburg: A Battlefield Guide

Little Round Top, the Railroad Cut, Pickett's Charge--these are the turning points within the most important battle of the Civil War. Even careful students of Gettysburg, however, can find themselves disoriented when visiting the site itself. Here, finally, is a convenient guide for serious student and casual visitor alike that makes plain the sweep of events and the geography of the battlefield. This invaluable guidebook was created by scholars who have walked the battlegrounds, consulted with local experts and park guides, and studied the testimony left behind by the participants. Gettysburg will help you find all the important locales and understand what the participants saw in 1863, even if you have no prior knowledge of the battle. Designed to enhance the experience of both first-time and returning visitors, this guide can be used alone or as a supplement to a tour. Clearly written and illustrated with maps and photographs, this is the book to have when you explore Gettysburg. 

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press. Paperback, 214 Pages. Measures 9"x5.9"x0.5" . Weighs 11.4 oz.

Simpson, Brooks D
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