Flags of the Union: An Illustrated History

Flags of the Union: An Illustrated History

The definitive companion volume now in color! 

This classic guide by Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr. has been updated with 20 additional flags and given a fresh wash of color by noted Civil War artist and historian Alan H. Archambault. Exploring the history and development of flags in the United States leading up to and during the Civil War, his research picks up where Cannon left off. The Wall Street Journal called Cannon's companion volume, The Flags of the Confederacy: An Illustrated History, "the last word on the flags of the lost cause." This volume continues that tradition. 

Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company Inc. Paperback, 112 Pages. Measures 10.8"x8.5"x0.2" .  Weighs 9.3 oz.

Cannon, Devereaux
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