Civil War Years in Jefferson County, Virginia

Civil War Years in Jefferson County, Virginia

"My lot has been cast. I am a son of Virginia, and her destiny shall be mine." -- Logan Osburn, June 6, 1861

No time period in history had more impact on Jefferson County citizens than the Civil War years. Those four years saw families uprooted, homes, farms and livelihoods destoryed, and the end of six decades of arms productions at Harpers Ferry. For some, the war crashed through their walls with deafening terror. For others, it led to freedom and education. And whether by choice or not, Jefferson Countians entered the war as Virginians and left it as West Virginians.

In his first book, historian P. Douglas Perks -- "Mr. Jefferson County" -- uses his decades of research and writing on the topic, along with rare first person accounts of four citizens who endured these tenuous years. Perks also brings new focus to the statewide issue of secession. No state in the Union was more divided over the issue, and perphas no other county. Who would cast their lot with the destiny of Virginia and who would remain "firmly attached to the Union of these States"? 

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