Abraham (Mount Rushmore Presidential Series)


Frank Keating takes you on an ultimate tour of Abraham Lincoln's life from boyhood to presidency in this biography, which includes stunning paintings by award-winning artist Mike Wimmer that bring the sixteenth President of the United States to vivid life. 

To say Abraham Lincoln came from humble beginnings is an understatement. He was born in a Kentucky log cabin with a packed-dirt floor, rough slab roof, and leather-hinged door. He went barefoot for most of the year and wasn't expected to amount to much. But reading was everything to him and his free time was consumed by books. Abraham Lincoln read furiously, studied law, and knew that hard work was his only path to making a change in the world. When he ran for the presidency, he stood for unity--one people and one land. He brought freedom to all citizens, ended slavery, and made the country whole again. 

This visual tour de force is based on historical documents and chronicles Honest Abe's life from boyhood to his extraordinary leadership position as the sixteenth President of the United States of America. 

Author: Frank Keating. Paintings: Mike Wimmer. Publisher: Simon & Schuster. Hardcover, 31 pages. Measures 9" x 11.25" x 0.3". Weighs 15.1 oz.

Keating, Frank
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