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***COVID-19 Update***

If you are not yet fully vaccinated, wearing a mask is required in federal buildings and outdoors on federal land when social distancing cannot be maintained. We are also conducting our tours caravan style currently. To book a tour, please reserve your tour online or call the Harpers Ferry Park Association Bookshop at 304-535-6881. Walk-in “Day Of” tours are still unavailable.

Information about National Park Service operations can be found at www.nps.gov/hafe.

It’s one thing to read history, or look at a picture.

It’s another thing to walk it.

Harpers Ferry is a place where two great rivers run together. It is also a place where great stories collide: George Washington’s vision for industry. Thomas Jefferson’s love of nature. Meriwether Lewis’ dream of discovery. Abolitionist John Brown’s enduring controversy. Stonewall Jackson’s largest capture. Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. Du Bois, and their struggle for equality. These are just a few of the tales time has woven together in Harpers Ferry, which you are invited to discover.

Taste the rush of wind atop the Bolivar Heights battlefield. Hear the drumming rapids that fueled the early gun factories of the United States. Run your fingers along bricks that sheltered desperate abolitionists. You can discover the gamut of Harpers Ferry history, covering civil war, civil rights, industry, invention, and nature’s role as a helper and destroyer.

Explore Harpers Ferry. Find the Harpers Ferry story that speaks to you.


“Our guide did a great job and exceeded my expectations. My daughter and I really enjoyed his company and knowledge.”-  May 2019

"Anyone taking a tour group must get a guide. They illuminate everything you thought you knew to new heights!" -August 2018


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