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Baby Black Bear Handpuppet

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Bison Finger Puppet

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Canada Goose

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Bring the beauty and magic of the bird kindgom indoors with our beautiful plush Canada Goose Bird with sound by Wild Republic. Canada Goose. Size: 5". Recommended for ages 3 and up. Plush squeeze bird which sounds off the real bird call. Enjoyment for kids and adults alike.

Jim the Park Ranger

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Fun figurine in full Park Service uniform measures 4” tall. Hand painted, lead free and thoroughly safety tested.

Park Ranger Doll

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Surface washable Did you know that park rangers have important jobs taking care of our forests and parks? They spot forest fires and help put them out. They transport injured animals to wildlife clinics for treatment. Park rangers enforce laws and park regulations. They can even give guided tours of our parks. Doll 11". Surface washable.