Commemorative Items

50th Anniversary Commemorative Program

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Contains time-line of park history from 1936 to 1994 along with a general history and several photographs show how Harpers Ferry became a National Historical Park.

HFNHP 75th Anniversary Calendar

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2019 12th month calendar includes historical photos, facts and important dates in Harpers Ferry National Historical Park history, and stunning present day photos. All proceeds from the sale of this calendar benefit the educational, historical, and interpretive programs of HFNHP. 

HFNHP 75th Anniversary Sponsorship

$25.00 - $1,000.00
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In June 2019, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park will commemorate its 75th Anniversary as a unit in the National Park Service. The commemoration will feature a monthly speaker series and a 3-day event that will combine music, drama, lectures, and special hikes to answer this question for a new generation of park visitors: Why Harpers Ferry? Programs will explore significant events that happened here, why this flood-ravaged, dilapidated town was designated a national park, the efforts it took and archeological discoveries made in restoring the town to its 19th century appearance, and why the story of Harpers Ferry is significant today. Our goal is to create an experience that will connect park visitors to the natural beauty, unique history, and cultural heritage of Harpers Ferry and to inspire present and future generations of park supporters and advocates.  Each tax-deductible sponsorship will be used to directly fund programs for the 75th Commemorative year. Thank you for supporting Harpers Ferry National Historical Park! **Note: When checking out, please indicate in the comment box if you do NOT want your name included in the Commemorative Program. 

MUG Storer College

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16 oz American-made mug hand thrown by artisan potters from Sunset Hill Stoneware in Wisconsin. Mulberry blush glaze featuring Storer College commemorative artwork.

Niagara Movement Commemorative Program

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Issued during the August 2006 event on the Storer College campus, this program gives you a history of the formation of the Niagara Movement. Listed is the daily schedule for the three day event along with biographies and colored photographs of the honored guests, speakers and performers. Paperback, 20 pages.

Niagara Movement Silver Medallion

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This is a custom medallion encased in plastic from the Northwest Territorial Mint which comes with a certificate of authenticity that lists the specifications of the following: *Assay .999 Fine Silver *Weight 1 troy Ounce*Size 39mm*Thickness 2.9mm*Strike ProofA velvet lined case for safe keeping is included.

Pin with Ribbon Niagara Movement Lapel

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This ribbon replicates the ribbons worn in 1906 by the Niagarites. Both pin and ribbon commemorate the Niagara Movement centennial August 18-20, 2006. Ribbon measures approximately 6”x2”. The lapel pin measures 1” diameter.

Storer College 150th Anniversary Progam

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Storer College Long Sleeve Tee

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Limited edition long sleeve Storer College tshirt, commemorating the Sesquicentennial in October 2017.

Storer College Tee

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Limited edition short sleeve Storer College tshirt, commemorating the Sesquicentennial in October 2017.


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75th Anniversary Special Edition 20oz single wall stainless steel water bottle. Features a threaded polypropylene carry loop lid.