Clear Toy Candy All About the Traditional Holiday Treat with Steps for Making Your Own Candy

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For generations, children have received Christmas gifts of hard, sweet, crystal-clear edible shapes of red, green, and yellow animals, trains, ships, and other objects called clear toy candy. The candy is made from a solution of sugar, water, corn syrup, and food coloring. The shapes are formed when the hot solution is poured into molds in which the candy quickly hardens. This book provides tips and techniques for making the traditional candy, with information on ingredients, utensils, and the correct cooking conditions. A brief history of the candy and a discussion of the antique molds make this book essential for all who want to carry on this delightful winter holiday tradition.

Dickens' Christmas A Victorian Celebration

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To Victorian England, Dickens was Christmas. His hugely successful book A Christmas Carolwas published in 1843, when he was already the most famous novelist in England. Throughout the 1850s and 1860s Dickens wrote several other Christmas books, sketches, and short stories, and the holiday plays a part in many of Dickens' novels. Dickens' public, it seemed, couldn't get enough of Christmas.

This beautifully illustrated anthology of the Christmas that fascinated Dickens contains the entire text of A Christmas Carol, as well as excerpts from other writings that vividly describe houses decorated with greenery and lighted candles, mistletoe in the hall and holly wreaths on the door, and lavish, waistcoat-popping dinners. Also featured are authentic recipes for such 19th-century treats as plum pudding, mince pies, and gingerbread men, along with the words and music for some of the most popular carols of the time. Selected by Simon Callow-who, as one of Britain's leading actors, has brought Dickens' writings to audiences worldwide-this lovingly compiled volume celebrates the Victorian Christmas in all its warmth and charm, making it the perfect holiday gift.

Hardcover, 155 pages

Victorian Christmas

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Anna Selby discusses how the Victorians invented many of the Christmas traditions we enjoy today from Christmas trees and cards to carols and Father Christmas himself. Dickens and Prince Albert shaped how many people view the British Christmas, an idea explored in the opening chapter. There is an emphasis on Victorian food, including authentic wassailing recipes and an easy introduction to planning traditional Christmas foods and traditional decorations. It offers readers a chance to enjoy a traditional Christmas, one centered around the home, family and simple decorations made from nature, a far cry from the materialistic Christmases we have today. This lovely book reminds us all just how enjoyable Christmas really is and shows us how to recreate our favorite traditions and recapture the magic of Christmas.