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Lincoln's Labels America's Best Known Brands of the Civil War

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From du Pont's gunpowder and Borden's condensed milk to Procter & Gamble's soap and Brooks Brothers' uniforms, this history investigates how today's familiar brand names served a vital role for the Union during the Civil War. Rarely told stories from the companies who supplied soldiers and sailors with food, clothing, weapons, and medicine recount tales of political intrigue, family and friends torn apart, and paths crossed with Abraham Lincoln. Not only do these accounts mirror the war itself, they also show that life during conflict can often be as intriguing and dangerous for a company of employees as it is a company of soldiers.

Map Making Kit You Can Learn

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Cartography is the art and science of map making. Some of the earliest preserved maps were found on stone tablets dating back some 4300 years ago in Babylon. Through the ages, maps have been the best way for explorers to document where they have been so they can find their way in the future.This basic kit contains everything you need to draw your own map of any location, inside or outdoors. Includes two pieces of paper to draw on, a pencil, a compass, a cotton bag to hold materials, a piece of jute to tie rolled map closed, a small ruler card, and easy to follow instructions.

Surveys of the Confederate Postmasters' Provisionals

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Collection of stamps and covers, NEW.