Flying, Gray-Haired Yank

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Book by Egan, Michael Michael Egan wrote the Flying, Gray-Haired Yank long after he completed serving his adopted country, The United States, in the Civil War. Unfortunately, he died in 1888 – the year this book was published and he did not see it in completed form.Egan began service as a civilian contractor to the military and carried dispatches through the guerrilla infested portion of central West Virginia. Following his courier duty, he entered into service in the new state of West Virginia as an officer in the 15th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He participated in campaigns, was captured, escaped, and re-captured, and escaped a second time. His story includes details of evasion of Confederate patrols, help from slaves and Unionist, and his eventual return to safety within Union lines. Hardcover, 424 pages.