Written by the Chief Historian at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Antietam Revealed is a chronological survey of the 1862 Maryland Campaign and battle of Antietam (September 17, 1862). The volume contains 1,865 entries, four maps, 32 photographs, a biliography and index.  Paperback, 198 pages.

A rip-roaring exposé that postulates history is the original "fake news"!In Antietam Shadows, Dennis E. Frye warns us to beware of history. A professional historian himself for the last forty years, Dennis has evolved from a youthful worshipper of history into a respected skeptic who has devoted his career to challenging historians, especially within the Civil War genre.Antietam Shadows is guaranteed to stimulate debate amongst Civil War buffs, as Dennis is renowned for blowing up what you know and turning you upside down and inside out. But Antietam Shadows isn't about strategy and tactics and bullets and shells. Antietam Shadows is the story of human nature—people facing dangerous dilemmas, selecting choices, making hard decisions, and living (or dying) with the consequences. The consequences within Antietam Shadows will determine the future of the United States. Author: Dennis E. FryePublication Date: 2018-4-17Publisher: Antietam Rest PublishingPaperback, 282

Antietam Visit DVD

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In Antietam Visit we learn about the bloodiest single day of the Civil War through Abraham Lincoln's eyes. Dramatic battle recreations, historical photographs, music, and period clothing appear throughout.Running time: 26 minutes. Bonus films on this DVD include John Brown's Raid: To Do Battle in the Land, Back to Harpers Ferry, and Springfield Armory.
In time for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Antietam (September 17, 1862), author Laurence H. Freiheit has written the definitive study of cavalry actions, Union and Confederate, before, during, and after the battle. This massive study, the product of years of research and topographical analysis, will surely be the authoritative scholarly resource on this aspect of the Civil War for years to come. Boots and Saddles: Cavalry During the Maryland Campaign of September 1862 is a 594-page, 8 x 11" hardcover, with over 200 maps, photographs, and illustrations. Included is a driving tour written by Craig Swain, with modern maps and GPS coordinates.
Now Available in Paperback First study of the Antietam campaign from civilians' perspectives Many never-before-published accounts of the Battle of Antietam The battle at Antietam Creek, the bloodiest day of the American Civil War, left more than 23,000 men dead, wounded, or missing. Facing the aftermath were the men, women, and children living in the village of Sharpsburg and on surrounding farms. In Too Afraid to Cry, Kathleen Ernst recounts the dramatic experiences of these Maryland citizens--stories that have never been told--and also examines the complex political web holding together Unionists and Secessionists, many of whom lived under the same roofs in this divided countryside."