Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail Game Special Edition

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Make your way along the A.T. as you successfully answer questions, identify trail wildlife, and add points to your trail journal. Use the gear in your pack to help navigate through perilous situations that arise, like poison ivy, an unseasonal snowstorm, or getting lost! Go ultralight, help a hiking club, experience Trail Karma, or head to the nearest A.T. Community for a hot shower and soft bed.  Learning about the outdoors has never been so much fun!The Special Edition game includes a table top game board and a set of 4 game pieces, and 2OO cards, including 15O Challenge cards, 5O Chance cards, 35 Leave No Trace cards, 8 Zero Day cards, 5 Trail Karma cards, 2O gear cards and 1 Thru hike card.