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Masthead: Painting of the Potomac Water Gap by Richard Schlecht, based on a c.1812 painting by Rembrandt Peale (National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center, Commissioned Art Collection)

The Harpers Ferry Park Association is one of 65 cooperating associations serving the National Park Service. Established in 1971, this not-for-profit association has provided over $3 million to enhance the interpretive and education programs of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park and the National Park Service.

The association helps fund park public education programs, living history events, media for curriculum-based learning, publications, and visitor information assistance. These donations enhance the visitor experience at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.


What we do:

  • The association publishes the "Harpers Ferry Heritage Trail" and other park publications. [Learn more about the Harpers Ferry Heritage Trail]

  • The association funds park special events.

  • The association provides materials for teachers and students for the annual School House Ridge Education Program for all 5th grade students in Jefferson County.

  • The association generates funds through the National Park Bookshop, which offers over 3,000 items to help visitors understand Harpers Ferry's unique place in history.

  • In partnership with the town of Harpers Ferry and the park, the association supports the annual Keeping Christmas event.

The Harpers Ferry Park Association is a membership organization with over 500 members in the United States and Canada. Please join us in our mission of "Stewardship through Education."